Travel Agent Challenge: Corri Besier

Born and raised on the island of Oahu, AAA Travel Specialist Corri Besier knows all about tailoring Hawaiian vacations to her clients. She stayed there until late into her 20s when she married and moved. Besier's husband was in the Marine Corp, and together they have traveled and lived in many places, giving her added insight on […]

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Agent Challenge: Henry Dennis

AAA Travel Specialist Henry Dennis has found that his biggest challenges come from opposite ends of the spectrum—either having a client who is very particular or having a client who has no idea what they want.   A couple of years ago Dennis was working with a couple that was traveling to England for a wedding […]

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Travel Agent Tales: Tiffany Heinisch

Travel Sales Specialist Tiffany Heinisch has been with AAA Carolinas for more than six years. During that time, she has found her biggest challenge to be the Internet. “Many clients come in and have read or researched so much on the computer that they end up more confused or overwhelmed than before they started planning […]

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Agent Tales: Amanda McDeavitt

We occasionally highlight our extraordinary employees and give you a glimpse of their insights into the best places to travel and the power of travel to fulfill dreams and change lives. Here we provide input from AAA Travel Agent Amanda McDeavitt, who says her favorite part about traveling is discovering what’s coming around the bend. […]

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Travel Agent Tales: Chrystal Kowack

Chrystal Kowack has been working at AAA for 16 years, and during that time she has held many roles. However, she feels most passionate about her current role as a Travel Specialist. “I like helping people plan a smart, safe, exciting vacation that is best for them. Vacations are not one-size-fits-all.”   When it comes […]

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