Hotel Room Name Glossary

Traveling today is easier than ever with the help of your AAA Travel agent.  With the plethora of destination and accommodation choices, planning a vacation can be overwhelming. From the standard to deluxe room designation to the deluxe and junior suite, there are so many options to consider. Luckily, you have us to help guide you through the maze of choices.

A standard room includes the necessities without the added luxury, but even the standard designation can vary depending on the hotel.  Typically these rooms face the parking lot or the street.  Keep in mind that a standard room at a five-star hotel is going to be much nicer than a standard at a three-star hotel.  

Deluxe accommodations are more desirable than standard rooms. Sometimes, it is just the view, but often it is a bevy of things, like extra square footage, nicer furniture, and other luxury amenities.  Rooms that include a whirlpool or hot tub are often in the deluxe category. 

Junior suites include a sitting area or a work nook with a desk that is separate from the sleeping space. When a kitchenette is included, the designation often becomes a studio room. Junior suites work well for couples or business travelers.

A suite is similar to a junior suite, except that a wall or door separates the work or sitting room. Having two distinct spaces allows guests who are sharing a bedroom to perform various tasks without interrupting one another. Business travelers may prefer executive suites, which offer suite amenities with professionally structured environments for longer work related trips. Most suites include a kitchenette or full kitchen.  

If you are looking for the most exclusive accommodations in a luxury hotel, consider the Presidential or Royal suite. These quarters are typically the most expensive rooms and are sometimes reserved for high ranking officials and Royal dignitaries. Presidential or Royal suites may even be equipped with attached private conference or reception rooms. 

A room must meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines to qualify as a wheelchair accessible rental.  The area must have doors to accommodate the size of a wheelchair, convenient grab bars in the tub or a roll-in shower, as a minimum for accessibility.  The lodging must also have wider hallways and space in-between furniture to allow for a wheelchair's mobility. 

Quarters with preferred views are typically more expensive than those facing a wall or a parking lot.  An oceanfront room will give you the best views of the water, while an ocean-view room may only offer a partial view of the sea from a window or balcony.  Views are often designated by abbreviation. Ocean view rooms (OV), mountain view (MV), city view (CV), garden view (GV), water view (WV), beach front (BF), and pool view (PV) are the typical abbreviations used.

To make booking your hotel easy, use the AAA Hotel Booking widget to find the right place to stay.  AAA offers member discounts at thousands of hotels. With the advanced hotel search, you have options for pet-friendly, free breakfast, free internet, free airport shuttle, free parking, wheelchair accessibility, fitness center, business center, non-smoking availability and Diamond ratings for your search. 

Once you have made your travel arrangements, all you have left to do is pack.  Although traveling should be relaxing, make sure you continue to keep safety in mind.  Keep your luggage in your sight at all times when checking in your hotel and use the valet to escort you to your room.  

Let us assist you with planning your next trip.  Our AAA Travel Experts can assist you with all your travel needs!  Call us today at 1-800-444-8691 or visit your local AAA Travel Location.  


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