Because Someday I Dream of Sleeping in a Glass Igloo

A thick blanket of pure white snow drapes the dramatic landscape outside. You’re curled up in bed, warm and cozy, sipping a cup of steaming hot chocolate. Lying underneath an igloo built of glass, thousands of stars twinkle above you in the sky and, if you are lucky, the famed northern lights are swirling above. 

This isn’t a dream. It’s just one experience you'll enjoy on the new “Northern Lights of Finland” tour from AAA Member Choice Vacations, and it’s definitely bucket-list worthy. There are few places in the world where you can go on a reindeer safari, meet Santa Claus in his home, and see the aurora borealis putting on a colorful and magnificent show. 

Leave the logistical planning to AAA while you prepare for a week of once-in-a-lifetime thrills in Helsinki and rugged Lapland. Where else can you take a sleigh ride to go to breakfast? Or command your own dog sled team in the wilderness? Did you ever think you would meet a reindeer farmer above the Arctic Circle and then be pulled in a sleigh similar to the one Kris Kringle commands? 

The classic images of winter wonderlands will dance in your head as you settle in for the night in a Finnish log cabin with an attached glass igloo, private fireplace and sauna. As you sip a traditional Lappish drink of warm berry juice next to a roaring fire as snow gently falls outside, you might wonder how you got so lucky. Let’s just chalk it up to you being on the Nice list this year.