New Travel Partner

As travelers, we look for ways to have a genuine experience and a deeper connection with the places we visit. More often we’re turning to local guides for their insiders’ view. AAA Carolinas’ new partnership with Country Walkers makes finding meaningful, authentic moments even easier. Country Walkers provides active, experience-rich walking tours on five continents, in 32 countries and in eight U.S. states; and a partnership with Emerald Waterways will provide tours in major cities, towns and villages along the Danube, Rhine, Rhone, Douro and Mekong rivers. Every tour is designed and led by locals with expertise ranging from the art, history and architecture of their city to the food, culture and folkways of their region. With fully-guided, self-guided and flex-guided tours that leave plenty of room for on-your-own exploration, you’ll find a fit for every travel style.