A Cruise Awakening Aboard the Celebrity Edge

The much anticipated Celebrity Edge is the beginning of a revolution you definitely want to be part of. As we’re guided to our table for dinner in Eden, a woodland fairy greets us with a welcome glass of “nectar.” Throughout the evening, she inquisitively moves around the dining room, peeking into conversations and sometimes serving […]

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Holland in Bloom – The Beauty of Tulips and So Much More

Tulips first arrived in Holland from Turkey in the 16th century, and this flower-loving nation has never been the same. Each year a springtime explosion of the iconic flower carpets the country in brilliant shades of red, yellow, pink and purple. Visit the Netherlands in spring to discover a nation in love with the tulip […]

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Elegant Elbe River Cruise

It’s no wonder that many of the world’s great cities — Paris, New York, Rome, London — are located along rivers. Long before the world had superhighways, rivers were used to move people and products from one place to the next. Before long, natural stopping points along the banks had become markets, which soon grew […]

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Cities We Love: Seoul, South Korea

Squarely at the intersection of traditional Eastern cultures and neon-soaked Western ways, Seoul, South Korea is absolutely dripping with soul, a mecca of art, music and hipster culture that buzzes with vitality. The best time to visit this Korean capital is spring and fall, when the city is popping at its liveliest. What’s to love […]

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Choose Your Adventure

If it doesn’t exist, dream big and create it yourself. That’s the thinking behind Club Adventures, a new travel experience from the AAA Exclusive Vacations team. When we couldn’t find an adventure tourism provider that was exactly right, we created our own: Club Adventures runs small-group international trips to off-the-beaten-path destinations. These eight- to 14-day […]

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Indulge Your Wanderlust with Explorations

When it comes to one-of-a-kind travel experiences, Collette is one of the best in the business. Which is why the 100-year-old tour operator is a trusted AAA Member Choice Vacations partner. All Collette’s Explorations tours are now available in the AAA Member Choice Vacations program, from searching for the northern lights in Finland to a […]

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A Home Away From Home

By Suzanne Bopp Imagine spending a fun-filled day experiencing the new sights, sounds and tastes of a fabulous vacation destination. In the evening, instead of returning to a cramped hotel room — or separating into several rooms if you’re traveling with family — you arrive at a spacious villa, where everyone can make themselves at […]

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An Agent for the Ages

Agent Spotlight By Laura Del Rosso Kara Vinson joined AAA Carolinas 13 years ago, but her experience with AAA goes even farther back. She began right out of high school at a AAA club in Massachusetts where she took calls from members on the emergency road service line. When Kara and her husband, Matt, moved […]

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