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Best Strategies for De-Icing Your Car

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Waking up to find your windshield covered in ice will not only leave you feeling annoyed, but it will probably delay your departure time. With winter weather upon us, we need to shift our thinking and plan ahead for cold mornings and possible ice accumulation, with or without snow. Here are some useful tips for protecting your car from the elements and de-icing when necessary.

  1. When possible, park in the garage or under covered parking. It seems obvious, but at this time of year, chilly days can lead to cold nights and frosty mornings before you know it. If you do not have access to covered parking, cover your windshield with a tarp or sheet. Strap the cover down with bungee cords or straps so its stays in place. Removal is quick and easy.
  2. To prevent ice from forming overnight, use a de-icing spray on your windows before you settle in for the night. Available with your discount at Napa Auto, the windshield spray is engineered to quickly remove light ice and frost, as well as prevent dangerous refreeze from forming while you are driving. It also repels build up of dirt and salt from road spray as you drive.
  3. If your car is exposed to the elements and you do find a build up of ice on the windshield, start your car and let it warm up. Use the defrost setting to warm up the windshield slowly. Never attempt to put hot or even warm water on the windshield to remove the ice. Doing so could cause the glass to break. Instead, use a commercial de-icer from Napa Auto to melt the ice.
  4. Carefully, use an ice scraper to chip away at the ice. You should purchase one from Napa Auto in advance to keep in your trunk for unexpected changes in weather. Consider using an ice scraper mitten to keep your hands warm while scraping. 
  5. Once your windows are clear, use a vehicle ice broom to brush the excess snow and ice off your roof, hood, and trunk. Also, make sure headlights and taillights are visible.  
  6. If your locks are frozen, you can use a lock de-icer that will also melt the ice and lubricate your lock cylinder. 

Always put safety before punctuality. Do not attempt to drive if your windshield is blocked or partially blocked with ice. No one wants to be delayed due to weather, but when inclement weather closes in, delays should be expected. Plan ahead when you know there is snow or ice in the forecast and exercise patience when you need to remove any ice before driving. Schedule a seasonal maintenance check at your nearby AAA Car Care Center to make sure your car is in optimal condition before winter. Print your Car Care Coupons here. 

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