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Share The Road: Motorcycles

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Motorcycles and scooters are everywhere today.  Though many riders consider their smaller carbon footprint important, most riders just love the feel of the open road. This freedom comes with a price though.  As a motorcyclist, your awareness, riding skills, and gear need to be on pointe.  As for other drivers on the road, it is imperative that you share the road with motorcycles.  

Although a seasoned biker will most likely have the proper DOT approved gear on (like a helmet, gloves, jacket, pants, and boots), they are still vulnerable on the road.  Even a minor collision from a vehicle can cause major damage and have serious consequences.  When following a motorcyclist, stay back and increase your following distance, as bikes can stop much faster than cars.  If you have a clean passing option, pass the motorcycle as quickly as possible.  

Leave space for motorcyclists.  If you are on a double-lane highway, try not to ride beside them or in their blind spots.  The swerving you see them doing in their lane is most likely to avoid obstacles that would not affect four wheeled vehicles in the same way.  Most bikers are avoiding dangerous potholes, oil slicks, and debris on the road. 

AAA's Disconnect and Drive Campaign is a reminder of what not to do while driving.  It gives clear guidelines and reminds us that anything that diverts your attention from the road is a distraction and a "Don't."  Snacking, conversing with passengers, and adjusting your GPS may seem harmless, but they're all clear distractions and should be avoided whenever possible.  

Remember to look both ways and then look again for motorcycles when making a turn.  The number one cause of motorcycle fatalities is from vehicles pulling out right in front of them.  Always remember to Share the Road.  

And if you are one of the freedom riders yourself, you can update your coverage with AAA.  They have a plethora of plans for all kinds of bikes.  Call today and make an appointment!

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