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5 Fun Things to Do While in Mexico

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Mexico is rich with history and cultural experiences: traditional cuisine, mystical cenotes, snorkeling, whale shark watching, sailing and yachting to name a few.  This country is a dream vacation for any adventurist, archeologist or foodie. You just need to plan so you do not miss any of its wonder. 

Merida, the capital of the state of the Yucatan, is rich with history and culture. Head to La Chaya Maya for a meal of the dishes of the Yucatan. A regional favorite is cochinita pibil, which is pork marinated in ground achiote seeds and bitter orange juice and baked in banana leaves until tender.

Many of the traditional dishes are thought to have been passed down from the Mayan Indians.  The fusion of Mesoamerican cooking with European and Spanish cooking is prevalent in today's Mexican cuisine. Corn, beans, avocados, chilies and tomatoes are still main staples of Mexican cuisine. It's impossible to visit Mexico and not become enchanted with the country's cuisine.

Depending on the type of adventure you want, you may want to chose a resort that offers different activities. One of the most exotic and beautiful resorts in Mexico is the Maroma Resort and Spa, which offers many activities available from the resort. Plan a snorkeling adventure in a cenote, a natural sinkhole formed by the collapse of limestone bedrock. These sinkholes expose groundwater underneath, creating an amazing habitat for exploration. Cenotes are steeped with spiritual significance in Mexico.

You can also sign up for a whale shark tour off Contoy Island to swim and snorkel with these peaceful creatures between June and September. While snorkeling, you may encounter dolphin and manta rays in their natural habitat.  

Sailing the Yucatan channel is a beautiful way to explore the area. As a sailor, you can rent a boat, or you can charter a sailboat with a captain. For even more luxury, you can charter a yacht.  

It's hard to imagine visiting Mexico and not touring the Mayan sites. The Yucatan is full of history and is an archeologist's dream to explore. As you travel into the jungle, you will be in awe of the remains of the Mayan civilization.  

AAA Carolinas is a leading travel planner and can help you with booking hotel and car rentals and most importantly with your adventure planning. Visit your local AAA Carolina's office today and start planning.


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